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Wheat is a grain product that has an important place in the agricultural sector and has a wide range of uses. As Agromtac, we operate as a company specialized in the supply, storage and logistics processes of wheat products. We work diligently at every stage of the supply chain to deliver quality wheat products to our customers on time and reliably.

The procurement process of wheat covers the stages of collecting the wheat grown in agricultural areas and processing it and presenting it to the commercial markets. As Agromtac, we procure products from quality and certified wheat producers by cooperating with reliable farms. Our agricultural experts work closely with farmers to support the best farming methods and seed selection and ensure quality wheat products are obtained.

The storage of wheat products is also of great importance. As Agromtac, we have modern and hygienic storage facilities. Freshness and quality are preserved by storing our wheat products under suitable temperature, humidity and weather conditions. During the storage process, we regularly check our products and take the necessary measures to prevent any quality loss.

In logistics processes, we have a professional team and a wide distribution network to ensure timely and reliable deliveries. Our wheat products are safely shipped with special transport vehicles and delivered to our customers on time. We provide fast and effective logistics solutions by always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront.

As Agromtac, it forms the basis of our principles of quality, reliability and professionalism in the procurement, storage and logistics processes of wheat products. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we constantly develop innovative solutions and closely follow the developments in the sector. We work to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by ensuring high standards and quality control at every stage in the supply chain of wheat products.

As Agromtac, we are working to maintain our leading position in the sector in the supply, storage and logistics of wheat products and to provide the best service to our customers. Contributing to the success of our customers with quality wheat products and adding value to the sector are among our priorities.

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