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As Agromtac, as a company operating in the agricultural sector, we are specialized in corn product supply, storage, logistics processes and usage areas. Corn is an agricultural product that is widely grown around the world and used in a wide variety of industries. For this reason, we pay special attention to supply, storage, logistics processes and usage areas in order to provide our customers with quality corn products.

The procurement process of maize begins with its cultivation and harvesting in agricultural fields. As Agromtac, we provide high quality and healthy corn products by cooperating with reliable and certified farms. Our agricultural experts work closely with farmers to support best farming practices and promote sustainable farming methods. In this way, we provide our customers with reliable and high quality corn products.

The storage process is a critical step that ensures that maize products are stored under optimum conditions. As Agromtac, we protect the freshness and quality of corn products by protecting them from humidity, temperature and other negative factors in our modern storage facilities. During the storage process, regular controls and hygiene measures are applied and we ensure that our products are always kept in a safe environment.

The logistics process includes the timely and reliable delivery of corn products to our customers. As Agromtac, in addition to having a wide logistics network, we ensure that shipments are carried out smoothly with our experienced and professional teams. During the transportation of our products, quality control is carried out and our customers are offered fresh, high quality and completely reliable corn products.

Corn is a versatile agricultural product and has many uses in many sectors. The first use that comes to mind is the food industry. Corn forms the raw material of many food products such as flour, starch, corn flakes, corn flour, corn syrup. It is also used as feed in the livestock industry and plays an important role in the nutrition of animals such as cattle, chickens and pigs. Corn also has industrial uses such as bioethanol production, bioplastics, corn oil.

As Agromtac, we attach great importance to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction in corn product supply, storage, logistics processes and usage areas. Our aim is to support sustainable farming practices and add value to the industry while providing our customers with the best corn products.

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