Our Company Policy: As Agromtac, we adopt a policy that aims to take a leading position in the agricultural sector and to offer solutions that add value to our customers. We aim to provide high quality products and services and exceed the expectations of our customers by keeping customer satisfaction and trust at the highest level.

We aim to progress competitively by closely following the technological developments in the sector and focusing on continuous improvement and innovation.

We are also committed to protecting natural resources and contributing to the long-term success of farmers by promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction: Understanding the needs of our customers, providing them with the best service and meeting their expectations are our primary values. By adopting a customer-focused approach, we continually strive to support our customers’ success.

Quality and Trust: We maintain high quality standards in our products and services. We adhere to the principle of reliability, honesty and transparency to give confidence to our customers.

Innovation and Technology: We follow the innovations in the sector and offer the latest agricultural solutions to our customers by using technological developments. We encourage innovation and are constantly on the road to self-improvement.

Social Responsibility: We care about the welfare of the society and the environment and aim to contribute to the sustainability of the agricultural sector. Agricultural sustainability is an important value for us to improve the quality of life of farmers and create a positive impact on society.

Collaboration and Stakeholder Relations: We establish strong business partnerships and develop our supply network. We build long-term relationships by interacting with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We attach importance to cooperation with the principles of mutual benefit and honest communication.

Working in line with these policies and values, as Agromtac, we aim to lead the sector and contribute to a sustainable future of agriculture.

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